Danish Haiku Today 2012

Danish Haiku Today 2012

Danish Haiku Today

Danish Haiku Today gives a short introduction to Danish authors’ haiku poetry at present in English and Danish.

Since Hans-Jørgen Nielsen in 1963 published his haiku anthology, which introduced the Japanese masters, several Danish authors have written haiku or haiku inspired poems. From Ivan Malinowski to Viggo Madsen.

There are several different opinions about what a haiku is in the American-European haiku poetry. The key is that haiku poems puts a momentary experience into perspective in its microcosm and expands the experience.

In 2011 the Haiku Group of the Danish Authors’ Society published our 10th anniversary anthology Blade I Vinden (Leaves in the Wind).

In May 2012 we had a haiku-arrangement with the haiku poet, EU president Herman Van Rompuy. On that occasion we made a supplement in English and Danish to Blade i Vinden.

Danish Haiku Today edited by Thorvald Berthelsen, is an extended edition, which includes more poems as well as more poets. It introduces the English-speaking world to a wider range of contemporary Danish haiku than hitherto available. It is published by the Publishing House Raven Rock, which also can be ordered directly by mail: post@ravnerockforlaget.dk. The price is DKK 75



Ann Mari Urwald,
Arne Herløv Petersen,
Benny Pedersen,
Birgit Bach,
Bjarne Kim Pedersen,
Bo Lille
Charlotte Blay
Charlotte Olden-Jørgensen
Christopher Rumble
Hanne Hansen
Helge Krarup
Ida Hamre
Jette Slaaen
Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Kate Larsen
Leif Achton-Lynegaard
Lonni Krause
Mona Larsen
Niels Kjær
Ole Bundgaard
Ole Lillelund
Per Nielsen
Per-Olof Johansson
Pia Valentin Sørensen
Thorvald Berthelsen
Ulla Conrad
Uschi Tech
Viggo Madsen

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