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The cover of the book shows examples of goods over time and on the people behind,

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The history of Lillerød Lervarefabrik (The Pottery in Lillerød) dates back to the 1870s, but its history is only known in broad strokes until 1955. Only in rare occasions, the products were labeled with the brand name before 1955. Thus the identification of individual objects from the period before 1955 can be difficult. After 1955 the company was taken over by Ejner Petersen and his wife Tut and all items were labeled LILLERØD in the bottom. This made the identification of the objects a lot easier. Both before and after 1955, Lillerød ceramics was sold throughout the country and even abroad, so there are many opportunities to bumb into a piece from Lillerød where ever you live.

This book tells the story and shows examples of the production. Ejner Petersen even tells his own story. The daughters and former apprentices give theirs memories. But the book is basically an illustrative book.

The product range was extensive, so what is presented in this book are only examples depending on the collector’s tastes, and on what is submitted to the local archives. The local archive is not a museum, but welcome supplements which will be forwarded to The Museum Nordsjælland.

The director of  Vejen Art Museum, Teresa Nielsen gives a presentation of the future research into the connection between Lillerød Pottery and artists such as Jais Nielsen, Karl Schrøder, Johannes Bjerg, Felix Møhl and many more.

We hope with this book, to give the story of Lillerød Pottery a firm foundation based on the facts to be enjoyed by local historically interested, collectors and ceramic enthusiasts.

Lillerød is the main town in Allerød Municipality, and since the railway station is placed in Lillerød and is called Allerød it is easy to forget Lillerød.

From exibition 2006, when the firm was finally closed

Flowers from LILLERØD

More potters in Lillerød:

Beate Andersen

Anette Nørregaard Christiansen

Rikke Fjalland

Lasse Birk

Palle and Margrethe Dybdahl