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Two different views on basket making

august 7, 2012

First page a flickr set


Splint baskets in marketing

The other day I made a flickr set called ‘Splint baskets in marketing business‘ – because – I collect pictures with splint baskets – and could from those make this album. So no one should forget this kind of basket – how common in use it was. Nearly every picture is of cause one from the good side of life!

Detail of Guido Reni : Christ with the torn crown

Detail of Guido Reni : Christ with the torn crown

We who love the baskets have a tendency to romanticize the basket. Yes – I do! But nothing human has this pure nature. As opposite examples, I have used

1)      that the fortification earth banks in time of war were held up by willow braids of some kind


2) that a basket was ready to pick up the decapitated head in front of the guillotine.

My new example is

3) Jesus’ crown of thorns, here in the painter Guido Reni (Bologna 1575-1642) version. It must have been hard even for the maker to handle this! Has anyone tried to recreate one in modern time?


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